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Poetry Slam Mexico 

Hi. Im Comikk MG. Let me tell reader, from the Poetry Slam in my country and what it means in my perspective.  We learned this platform in 2005 with Katia Tirado, the first breath of Mexican Slam, in this event four poets, in four different ways, they created our foundation of our “eslam”, Rojo Córdova mexican slammer and organizer tournaments since 2009, gave them the name of: The four parents, Tiosha Bojórquez representing the hip hop, Edgar Khonde page writer, Lalo Jaranas “sonero” lyrical traditionalism and the same Katia Tirado with the performance art.

There was a transition and it was not until 2007 that grew like a scene, because now more people made continuous poetry slam exercise, Cara Cummings, Logan Phillips, Erick Fiesco, Ewor, etc  / and many more were integrated to participate.
This information says Rojo in your Slam, and also can read in his book eSlamex.
I leave as historical data.

>> A biographical chronicle, part I:
In 2011 I met Poetry Slam competitions and study the scene one year, in 2012, I participated for the first time in a tournament, with good results.
I was practicing Rap since 2004 and Spoken Word since 2010, but never fulfilled my expectations as much as the Poetry Slam.
Three minutes that limit you or take you to infinity.
For some like me, Poetry Slam has become a way of life, work, love…

>>  The significance and empowerment I:
The background of the worldview mexican eslam scene, it is based even in the solidification of the same concept.
Also we are still in a process of stability and professionalism, obviously there are professional slammers, the same we are doing workshops and professional forums for new poets, we now also exemplifying continuous cycles Poetry Slam, we travel within the country or international competitions or exhibitions, even we are trying to mount the first National Poetry Slam, with slammers from all over the country. Mexico is urgent matter of social and educational backwardness, injustice, death, there is a strong climate; reads well, so most of the organizers we are working autonomously and when we allow also use the government system, the Slam for many is a form of personal and collective insurrection, it is a form of freedom to repression, it is a social exercise, here inhaled simulation education and these platforms allow us to "alphabetize" and build community.

Sometimes the organizers and slammers care about enlarging the ego, they care about "enlarge" the scene, worries that the cycle is the best, and do not realize that the real aggrandizement is people working together, to not only be the best slampoets or organizers, must give rise to new generations with important tools such as word transformed into poetry. 

>> A biographical chronicle, part II:
After much learning, winning and losing, in 2014 I organize my first slam and create Colectivo POM, complemented diferents poets men and women, we started making efforts in places where slampoetry had never played, more than eight municipalities far from the capital, they met dynamics, we also did the first Poetry Slams of the world in all prisons in the capital with prisoners as slammers. Also in 2014 I was the first Mexican to "represent" my country in the first Slam international event in Latin America: Rio Poetry Slam, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To date, i have active one cycle since 2015 in the capital called SLAMIN, main inspiration for this blog, this is the rebel cycle, the slammers can use musical instruments, objects, costumes, in addition to the normal rules, we remove the poets of their comfort zone, also no longer qualifies only with numbers, now we qualify with authors, ie you can put Shakespeare. 8, a Charles Bukowski.2 or Pablo Neruda.5, the audience interprets the score and juries are the only ones who know how much each author …

>> The significance and empowerment II:
There is a vision of our scene in this 2016, every day we are more gestating and participating, every day there are more originality and seriousness in the work.
Let me boast the most important cycles for me: The Slams of Casa del Lago from Ewor,  SLAMIN! from Comikk MG & Coletcivo POM (my cycle), thes Slams of Poesía y Trayecto from Karloz Atl, Cynthia Franco and Titos,  The Rojo eSlams from Rojo Cordova, and this half year Alan Casas and Boss Cabrón some tournaments have begun in the capital. And we begin to understand where we are going and what we want.

I think that the real foundation of this exercise is found in people who in the past worked and is still working to fulfill it.
Obviously many of the precursors do not bet on the Poetry Slam, others decided to leave, others stay and participate date and strengthen the scene, don't seem right enlarge the ego, it is better to make the community grow.
Currently this tool is mainly aimed at youth, but no one is excluded, it is important to know that we are a constant scene, dedicated, wanting to make connections, we are full of life and many social problems as in all countries and yet we want to move forward, we are Poetry Slam.
I think that many points remain to share with you, we leave for the future, I hope you liked the note and knew my work and that of my colleagues in Mexico.

I will premiere in 2017 my first book, “LAS PALABRAS INTACTAS” which it is a pseudo critical of Poetry Slam Mexican, I hope to have the translation to other languages to share information and build Slam family.
Comikk MG

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